By Giacomo Dimarno  


Production: 2002                                                 Genre: Horror

Run Time: 18’                              Format: ¾ Umatic High Band


Synopsis :  

In the 50s some scientists to satisfy the science requests they were asked for, experimented a medicine: the ephemerol , on the expectant mothers so to relieve them from pain. Suddenly the medicine started to give terrible side effects: children born by mothers that had been treated by the ephemerol were effected by a syndrome that the scientists called “ Scanner “; terrible headache, incontrollable angry fits, auditory and visual hallucinations were the symptoms of this syndrome.

But extraordinary telepathic and telekinetic powers were also the effects of this syndrome.

Some people affected by “Scanners “ were used as human “ guinea pigs “ by unscrupulous scientists of the time .Most of them died because of the bad effects linked to the syndrome.  Life of people affected by it, was unbearable and painful, because of their ability to hear the chattering of human soul that boomed and resounded constantly into their miserable thoughts; but some of them survived, and went on living with this sort of gift.

Even their children were the carriers of the “Scanner” gene. All the attempts to cure them by a therapy based on new formula of the same medicine mixed with psychotropic drugs, failed. This medicine determined addiction ad got the patients to be real vegetables in a perpetual catatonic status.

In the 90s, the Pharmacom, a  world wide acknowledged  pharmaceutical firm started to experiment the Eph4pro on  few surviving scanners  patients, getting results that were only apparently satisfying.

Thank to these new experiments, the scanner gene has got different features, but its potential is still unknown in some parts.

Starring: Grazia Plantamura, Silvano Picerno, Mariella Colonna
Valeria Plantamura, Giorgio Zuccaro, Michele Santomassimo

Taken from: SCANNERS by David Cronenberg

Screenplay : Giacomo Dimarno

Special FX digital:  Paolo Cristallo

Music: Tangerine Dream e Ryuichi Sakamoto

Editor: Giacomo Dimarno

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