My Nightmares
Director of Fear


This is not a website, this is a portal


“ You are risking a lot! You are not entering in any website, but you have opened a space in the parallel dimension  that will take you into a nightmare! Close to the twilight zone  where you will meet  horror.


What is horror? It is fantasy, dream, fear: it’s one of the many faces of the unknown… but it is also the hope in the unknown! If you wish to know your unknown, your nightmares, you have made the right choice and you have entered in hell: that of Giacomo Dimarno, called simply Jack.

Does this name remind you of something? My dear friend of the gloom, you are now in good company. You have enlisted in the army of evil and you have to go into this portal. If you don’t do it, it could be a mortal sin. Here you will find all of us: zombies, wolf men, clones, hideous monsters and beautiful women. Everybody will be at the service of the sister of death, the woman with the sickle.

Why did Jack Dimarno make a film all his nightmares. He is the one that has enclosed all your fears in his short films. His films are bloody because the authors are really undead.: george A…..just to mention some zombies. When Jack enters in the action, he makes even the strongest people like Luc Besson…..tremble.  Just to mention some known hired killers  and some of the most famous spies on film. And these are all his favourites. Jack has sucked blood from them since the first time when he has pointed his camera at  the first person, killing him without pity.

 I think that you have made a mistake my friend. You have made a mistake by connecting to the website of Dimarno. Remember that he was born in the 1968, the year of the student movement, is it? No my friend, it was the year of the film, “ The night of the living Dead”. From that moment he has worked under the shadow: The shadow of the witch of course. Drinking the New Blood, following ghosts as a law. Because he is an ectoplasma  of the law… of the horror. You have made a mistake connecting to the website of Dimarno. Do not enter in this house was written on the screen of your computer. But you took no notice and now you are here and you will remain forever. You have to take hallucinatory drugs to recognize the identity of your killer. You have to submit yourself to a séance to overwhelm your fears. Your fears look at you and will never let you go.

Now you have only 2 alternatives: follow your way in the circle of the hell of Jack clicking on the hottest points of this website or you could be struck by the curses of Cagliostro, Allan Poe and Stephen King all together. You have no choice, you have no way out.

It will be useless to appeal to Morgana the fairy to help you. this is your fate: you have decided to enter in this space alone and now you must stay here.

You will be in the company of executed people, risen from the dead, etc

And now try to understand who Jack Dimarno is and maybe you will receive the most beautiful present,  immortality.

But you will have to sleep with bats, or in the coffins or under the ground. And on the night of the full-moon you will come outside looking for human flesh… hoping that one day someone will take pity on you and will shoot you in the middle of your forehead  with a silver bullet . Only then will you really die.

But do not count on it and enjoy this portal as much as you can. Discover the secrets of Jack Dimarno, director of fear and contact him.

Who knows, you could enter in his gallery of horror.


I warned you: you have made a mistake my friend!