By Giacomo Dimarno


Production: 1997                                Genre: Horror

Format: S-VHS                                    Run Time: 21


Synopsis :


A legend of the XIV Century tells about a ferocious war for the ownership  of a magical wand owned by a warrior monk, a demoniac character that looked after the  wand.

The curiosity of the 3 careless young man will wake up the demon in all its power. 


Forever by Giacomo Dimarno  


 Nicola Cifarelli , Antonello Arpaia , Maria teresa Centoducati , Domenico Bolognese .


Director: Giacomo Dimarno


Story: Giacomo Dimarno, Antonello Arpaia

Screenplay: Maria T. Centoducati, Vito Cristallo  

Camera Operator: Giacomo Dimarno


Assistant Costumers: Maria Traetta

Set Costumers: Rossella Squicciarini  

Assistant Director: Vito Cristallo  


Editor: Giacomo Dimarno



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