I was reflecting on the social events occurred in 1968, the year when I was born: big changes mined social stability: workers, strikes and students’ reaction had  repercussions on daily life and on “ art “ as well.

The search for something new was leading to a sort of maturity of the existing styles and to the developing of the new ones.

The experimental movies were a consequence of this.

“ The night of the living dead “ was emblematic with its clue of experimentalism given by means of a  humble and devastating  “black and white”, with its anguishing minimalism represented both by the main characters and by the “labourers” of Romero during the working / production of the film.

It was for me something that disturbed the peace of my teenager sleeping, together with that other “ bloody pearl “ that was “ Dawn of the Dead “( 1978 ).

Well, my natural attitude to wander from the point is getting me far from what I really want to say. 

I attended  the Professional Institute for Electronics; this choice, together with the practical experiences in local TV, helped me in my professional growing, in fact I could put in practice what I had thought in theory: With the passing of the time I felt  as if my creativity was

entrapped and limited ; I devoured film masterpieces such as “Evil dead “ by the crazy Sam Raimi, “Hellraiser” by the delirious Cleve Barker and “ Prince of Darkness “ by the misunderstood John Carpenter. But at the same time, I was also found of the ability of Lucio Fulci ( a real wizard of special effects ) and Dario Argento ( what he did in “Suspiria “ has never been over taken in his other works ). 

I really felt the need to express and run the risk; in 1992  I made “ The Dark Side “ trying to exploit my  strong will and determination and to make the others believe in what I did, I wanted to pay homage to those who had fed my fancy and my film directing technique, a mixing of the subjectivity of Raimi’s entity, Barker’s oniric setting , Argento’s colouring lights all together.

So I took part to “ Fano film festival “the positive feed back I had there, got me to decide for the self production.

 And, I have  always been fond of Heavy Metal Music : “the new blood “ is the videoclip taken from “ The Dark Side “ commented by “ Circle of the Tyrants “ by the Swiss Celtic Frost, ante litteram dark metals musicians that distinguished  themselves for their melancholic sonorities .

 In 1995 it came out “ The Shadow of the witch “ It wanted to be a tribute to the great John Carpenter. The “short film” points out my professional evolution. It has got two productions, a renewed cast and a particular searching work on the film editing  especially in its second edition in 1998.. I aimed at expressing  my disgust for the powerful mass media and for the abuse of psycho drugs.

In 1997 I decided to substitute the details of the most brutal horror film with dreamlike and romantic features:   “Forever”. Its  story starts with a group of boys who found a sceptre belonged to a mysterious sect of warrior friars. This plot hints  to different fantasy stories and to  the novel ”Il pendolo di Faucault “ by Eco. The music is by King Diamond and Ozzy Osbourne that are my favoured  Metal musicians.

In 1998 I started to film experimenting . In “ Action Painting “ I  aimed at recreating the insane visions of the genius of David Lynch. Thanks to the collaboration of an artist from Altamura , Vito Centonze , who showed me some of his works, I did this “extreme” short film, I was slower  in its editing ,but it had  a better impact on the audience. With the starting of the new millennium, I was inspired by crazy and visionary screenplays that twitched my fancy so to get me back to the video camera after a period of inactivity.